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4/2 Lakshmipuram, Near Montessori School, Guntur


Dr. CH Neelima Devi

Skin Specialist & Cosmetology

Dr. Ch Neelima Devi, renowned skin specialist and Cosmetologist with 18 years of experience had graduated from the prestigious Guntur Medical College, Guntur with MBBS and diploma. Dr. Neelima started her practice in 2002 at Sai Deep clinic at Kothapet and started Manoharam in 2010. Manoharam is Dr. Neelima’s second clinical venture to expand her services to a different location. She is greatly passionate about bringing world renowned, cutting-edge technology into her clinic to keep up with the ever-growing needs in cosmetology and to provide the best care and services to her patients.

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Acne Scarring

Explore the services we provide to get rid of the scars left behind! Botox injection Your one stop for a younger, rejuvenated, and flawless skin!


Fruit facials are perfect for you, if you’re looking to just start your skin care journey and wanting to opt for a mild treatment that is effective.

Excess Hair

Get rid of unwanted body hair with our painless and permanent solution!Prp Your hairfall isn’t going to a problem anymore! We can fix that in a couple of sittings .


PRP (Platelet affluent Plasma) Injection – Human blood comprises RBC (red platelets), WBC (white platelets), and platelets. Platelets join specific increment components known as Platelet-Derived development components.

Non surgical liposuction

Lose those extra inches without a knife cutting into your body. It’s easy and painless.

Laser Treatment

Give your skin the rejuvenation it needs and the glow it deserves.

Non surgical face lift

The only lines on your face will be from your smile. Experience our tested, non-surgical procedure with zero down time.

Bridal makeover

Your big day matters to us! Every bride deserves to shine bright and look the best version of herself.

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